Its typical features are the cube shape and the modular design. The lens, film back and the viewfinder are easy to replace and make the system compact and easy to transport. The good lenses of the Zeiss company contributed to the fact that the system was the tool of the professionals worldwide for decades.

The format is 6x6 and you get 12 photos on a 120 roll film. Since the format is square, photography has a special appeal because the design requires a different approach than with a landscape format.

A feast for the senses

Taking pictures with the Hasselblad not only requires a different perspective - it also appeals to the photographer's senses.  When you take a picture with the viewfinder, the image is mirror-inverted. If you press the trigger, you are rewarded with a loud and typical "plop noise", which is caused by the seal to the magazine.

The V

In the negatives you can see two small, V-shaped notches on the side. They should symbolize the V for the inventor of the Hasselblad, Victor Hasselblad.